New services from Siem Reap to Hong Kong from 29/10/2017

Siem Reap – Hong Kong Flight Schedules:
Flight               Route                     Frequencies                Departure              Arrive           Aircraft            

K6698          REP-HKG                   Thursday                      14:05                   17:25.      Airbus 320/1

K6698          REP-HKG                    Sunday                        08:25                   11:45.      Airbus 320/1

K6899          HKG-REP                  Thursday                       18:25                   20:00.      Airbus 320/1

K6899          HKG-REP                    Sunday                        13:45                  15:20        Airbus 320/1

Cambodia Angkor Airlines currently operates in two domestics and thirteen regular international routes with 06 charter flights. The airline company uses six aircraft – three ATR and three Airbus 320 and Airbus 321. Until 2020, Cambodia Angkor Air will fly to more destinations when it takes delivery of 12 new aircraft – four ATRs and eight Airbuses 320.

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