1. Free Baggage allowance

Checked Baggage Allowance: 20kg per passengers for all economy classes except super promotion class and 40kg per passenger for premium and business ticket class.

NOTE: Fares of LOW BUDGET/PROMOTION in international routes do NOT include Checked Baggage. It only includes 7 Kg hand baggage. Passenger can buy Checked Baggage at airport or in our excess baggage after booking by emailing to at least 7 days prior to your departure date.

Exception: For itineraries totally on K6 flights operated by K6:
1. For student fares: K6 general baggage allowance policy plus 10 kgs.
2. For  Labors: 40 Kgs.
3. From KH to CN: - Business: 55 Kgs; Premium: 50 Kgs; Economy: 40 Kgs.
4. (.) For X-/R-/Q-/P-/A-/F-/V-/U:
+ Domestic: 20 Kgs
+ International: 0 Kg
+ Flash Deal with International: 20 Kg on Class G